The Snotbots Will Fly – Thanks to YOU!

Dear Friends (because that is what you now are),
Roger Payne, staff & volunteers were at our offices at about 1:00pm August 25th as we watched our Kickstarter campaign meet, and then exceed, its goal. The whole room just burst with applause and excitement. It’s been quite a while since our emotions have been this high.
A problem with developing new ways of doing things is that many of us don’t like change, we like what we are comfortable with and that is often the familiar or the old. So we cannot thank you enough for putting us onto this road of discovery that we have no doubt will benefit whales, oceans and humanity.
We hope that you will stay with us now as this work unfolds. We bought my ticket to Argentina (leaving September 19th) a couple of weeks ago, so we can now stop panicking. We will be sending updates from the field including photos. We want to try to do a live link/live broadcast from the field but I am not sure if we will be able to get an internet connection from the beach in Patagonia. As backers you will have exclusive access to this footage & screen saver photos. They are going to be spectacular I guarantee it. I also hope that some of you might want to look at the footage and or behavior we document with a keen eye – as we develop the program we hope to be able to open source some of the data that we collect so that we can make the most of this unique collaborative effort.
Thank you all from the depths of our souls and the depths of the oceans, each and everyone one of you have made a difference to the world that we share today, because you stepped up to the plate and said “I want to do more – I want to play an active role in finding solutions” – Yes thanks to you the SnotBots will Fly. For this and for your enthusiasm we cannot thank you enough.
Dr. Iain Kerr
CEO, Ocean Alliance

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