Stops in Biloxi, Mississippi, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Crew changes: ODYSSEY Gulf Blog (Year 2), Day 38, July 15, 2011

My apologies to the delay in this email. I was knocked out by some brutal food poisoning. But back on my feet and back at it today.
I learned the last leg that if I don’t write and explain that we arrived in port safely, people wonder if we indeed made it. We did. We got in about 11 am and all went out to a leisurely lunch before attending to the necessities of port.
Here we will say goodbye to Nate, Jane, Nick and Shouping and we will prepare the boat for the trip up the Mississippi for our events in Baton Rouge with Albemarle. My next note will be July 24, after the conclusions of those events, when we are on our way back out to sea.
All is well.
P.S. We are in Biloxi Mississippi.
(Blog by: John Wise, Sr., Science Director)

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