Annenberg Foundation Names Roger Payne & Iain Kerr As Visionary Leaders

To celebrate their 25th year of philanthropy, the Annenberg Foundation has named twenty-five of their grantees as “Visionary Leaders” in their fields. The individuals recognized range from conservationists of the wild world, such as Jane Goodall, to activists from the inner city, like Geoffrey Canada of Harlem Children’s Zone, and rural China such as Wu Qing, Founder of the Beijing Cultural Development Center for Rural Women. Included in the list are Ocean Alliance President Roger Payne and CEO Iain Kerr.

Annenberg Foundation“From the very first grant given, the Directors of the Foundation have recognized that visionary leaders make a difference. Visionary leaders stand out. They innovate, seeing old problems in a new way and focusing on achieving true long-term change. They motivate, inspiring others to join them through their passion and commitment. And they initiate, taking the first step towards change–and the next step and the next step–regardless of the obstacles they encounter.”

Iain would like to extend his thanks for their ongoing support: “The Annenberg Foundation has been exceedingly generous to Ocean Alliance over the years, supporting a number of disparate initiatives and enabling the purchase of our new oceanographic research, education and community center on the Gloucester waterfront—the Paint Factory. To have our names on this list is a tremendous honor.”
The complete list of honorees can be found here.

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