Robotics Program Director Adela Wee Speaks at Paint Factory Fliers Club

This past week at our last Paint Factory Fliers hobby club meeting in our current robotics lab, we were very excited to have a special guest speaker – Adela Wee, our new Robotics Program Director. Adela gave an overview of how she got into technology and robotics. She described her adventures over the last decade and briefly talked through the importance of the oceans and the motivation for developing robots like SnotBot. Adela is a recent graduate of Olin College of Engineering, based in Needham, MA– a 350 person engineering-only undergraduate institution focused on developing engineers for the 21st century. She described her education there as “relevant, hands-on, and applied.”


The attentive audience standing around the screen. We barely fit at full capacity into the pod!

About twenty people were present– including parents and students who regularly participate in our fun building sessions. They had plenty of questions afterwards and many of these individuals voiced their interest in helping out with future SnotBot tests up in Gloucester to just talking shop about processor advances and robotics curriculum at the high school level. Adela was very impressed with the passion and self-motivation that many of these students demonstrated when it came to building their own aerial vehicles.
Thanks, Adela, for all your hard work on Snotbot and for Ocean Alliance!

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