Robotics Club Is Flying High this Fall

Our Robotics Club is now meeting every other Wednesday, and we have a new initiative and several formal club activities that club members can use the following online link to sign up for in advance [].

These are:

1) A girls’ recruitment initiative:  Our hope is that as girl members get more comfortable with the technology, tools, and the club, they will increase their STEM skills and jump into more general club activities.

2) DroneBlocks: Members learn to fly and program drones using a DJI Tello Drone (we have purchased 6 DJI Tellos for the club).

3) Build a radio-controlled airplane or Glider Flite Test: We currently have over 50 pre-cut planes in our inventory. Additionally, with our new Epilog laser cutter, we can design and cut our own planes or modify existing designs.


4) Flight Simulators: Practice flight skills and earn a Paint Factory Fliers license to fly our machines. Every club member who passes our simulated pilot’s flight test receives an engraved Paint Factory Fliers badge.

5) Open Lab: Our tools and laboratory will be available for both club members and members of the public to use outside of formal club hours through the online sign-up form or coordination with Ocean Alliance staff members.

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