Questions Raised at Gulf Oil Spill Conference

Iain Kerr at Gulf Oil Spill ConferenceOcean Alliance CEO Iain Kerr and Dr. John Wise from the Wise Laboratory are currently in Mobile, Alabama at the Gulf Oil Spill and Ecosystem Conference, presenting their findings on the effects of dispersants on sperm whales in the Gulf.
In addition to presentations there are also daily discussion groups for members. Sunday’s discussion was as follows:
Setting the Record Straight: Debunking Myths and Misconceptions about Oil in the Gulf and Promoting Ocean Literacy

  • How does the 2010 Gulf oil spill, and its subsequent impacts, compare to other spills?
  • How and where did the oil move?
  • What happened to the oil?
  • How does the amount of oil leaked from Deepwater Horizon compare to natural and other releases of oil in the Gulf?
  • What is the impact of oil spills on organisms that live in the water, including those that we eat?
  • How do they clean an oil spill and can it ever be totally cleaned up?
  • What’s going to happen next time there is an oil spill?

The conference continues until Thursday and Iain will bring back as much information as he can to share.

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