Principals Dr. Payne and Dr. Kerr offer their current bibliographies of published articles and findings.


Below are some of the posters we have submitted at conferences around the globe since 2015. To see the posters, click on the titles.

Kerr, I. et al. 2015. Marine mammal toxicological research and education. Five summers in the Gulf of Mexico in response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster

Kerr, I. et al. 2015. SnotBot: developing an innovative platform for cetacean research

Bennett, A. et al. 2015. Autonomous vehicles for remote sample collection in difficult conditions

Kerr, I. et al. 2016. Drones for Whale Research: SnotBot, EarBot & FLIRBot

Kerr, I. et al. 2017. Machine learning and unmanned aerial systems for real time analysis of whale health and identity

Keller, B. et al. 2017. Machine learning and unmanned aerial systems for analysis of whale health and identity in the field.

Kerr. I. et al. 2017. SnotBot: documented reactions of cetaceans to drones

Kerr, I. et al. 2019. Measuring wild cetacean body temperature via blowholes using infrared thermal imaging from a drone

Sremba, A. 2019. DNA profiling by SnotBot sampling from the spout of a whale


Recent Publications

Atkinson, S. et al. 2021. Genetic, Endocrine, and Microbiological Assessments of Blue, Humpback and Killer Whale Health using Unoccupied Aerial Systems

Meaza, I. Toyoda, J. Wise, J. 2021. Microplastics in sea turtles, marine mammals, and humans: a one environmental health perspective. Frontiers in Environmental Science: Toxicology, Pollution, and the Environment. 8.

Poirier, M. et al. 2021. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-DNA adducts in Gulf of Mexico sperm whale skin biopsies collected in 2012. Toxicological Sciences. 181(1), 115-124.

Poirier, N. 2021. DNA damage in cetaceans: a mini review. Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis. 870-871, 503392.

Christiansen, F. et al. 2020. Population comparison of right whale body condition reveals poor state of the North Atlantic right whale. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 614, 1-16

Keller, B. Willke, T. 2019. SnotBot: A whale of a deep-learning project. IEEE Spectrum. 56, 12