Ocean Alliance Policy

Ocean Alliance, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Organization, was founded in 1971 by renowned biologist Dr. Roger Payne, Ocean Alliance strives to increase public awareness of the importance of whale and ocean health through research and public education. Led by Dr. Payne and CEO Dr. Iain Kerr, we work with our scientific partners to collect a broad spectrum of data on whales and ocean life. Ocean Alliance uses this data to advise educators, policy makers, and the general public on wise stewardship of the oceans to mitigate pollution, prevent the collapse of marine mammal populations, and promote ocean and human health.

We collect a broad spectrum of data on whales relating particularly to toxicology, bioacoustics, and genetics. From that data we and our scientific partners advise education and policy makers on wise stewardship of the oceans, to reduce pollution, to prevent the collapse of marine mammals, fish populations, and other sea life.

  1. Official Mission Statement for Ocean Alliance
  2. Ocean Alliance Conflict of Interest Policy
  3. Whistleblower Protection Policy
  4. Document Retention and Destruction Policy
  5. Compensation Policy for Officer, Directors, Top management, Official and Key Employees
  6. Donor Privacy Policy
  7. Photo and Video Policies

Financial Documents

In addition to our overall Policy document, we also provide our most current financials.

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