Dear Friends,
From space the Earth is blue. That’s because the seas cover 71% of it.
Ours should be called planet “Ocean,” not planet “Earth.”
Patrick &  CrewOf the thousands of organizations working to save nature, only a small fraction focuses on the sea. A group tackling one of the most unglamorous but dire issues for ocean life – pollution – is Ocean Alliance, which is why I have supported their work for the past 22 years. It is Ocean Alliance that made the first global survey of how polluted the oceans have become. Their work shows that human activities now threaten not just life on land but ocean life as well. Ship strikes, captivity, entanglements, commercial whaling – all of these are threats to healthy whale populations and deserve our attention, but it is pollution that could lead to extinction.
Knowledge is the basis of all intelligent action, so Ocean Alliance takes the time to learn enough about the creatures it protects to make sure that its actions, whatever they may be, will be what is most needed and most effective. Ocean Alliance doesn’t strike at the branches of global problems; it strikes at the roots.
I hope you will join me in supporting this little-known group, for times are tough, and it is now up to individuals like you and me to help organizations like Ocean Alliance continue their critically important work.
My very best wishes for the holiday season.
And thank you.
Patrick Stewart

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