Parley SnotBot Expedition 9: It’s Windy!

By: Ann Cortissoz

Dear friends,
The photo above demonstrates the problem of collecting snot in a crosswind. As yet I do not have augmented reality — or the attached perspective when I am collecting snot in a crosswind situation. Since the drone is only about 10 feet up, I have to look at the surface of the water and try to estimate where to put the drone to collect the snot. More often than not I am in the wrong place. In this shot I got it right, upwind whale (so no contamination from another whale) and just at the right place at the right time.

The continued windy weather is testing us, but we are making it work.

Of course, nothing slows down Mr. Miller — another spectacular mother calf photo. Notice my drone waiting for the mother to surface 🙂

From the windy equator (is that an oxymoron?) holding fast.
Onwards. Upwards.

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