A Paint Factory Restoration Update

The restoration of our headquarters, the Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory in Gloucester, MA, continues with a new dock and clean utility corridor. Iain Kerr and Dan Albani, along with Paul McManus from EcoTech, Inc., had two petitions before the Gloucester Conservation Commission this week.
The first petition was for a small seasonal floating dock that will go on the southwesterly side of the Paint Factory. We’re calling this Kim’s Dolphin Dock, in honor of our friend and staffmember Kim Marshall-Tilas. It will be approx. 20 x 10 feet and we will run our inflatable and kayaks, drones, etc. from this dock. Funding is in place for the construction of the Dolphin Dock (thank you Kim and all of our supporters) and the petition for this dock was approved. Over the winter we will build the dock, have the gangplank built and purchase all the necessary mooring equipment so that the dock can be installed and functional as soon as the weather allows.
The second petition was to dig a clean utility corridor from one of the brick buildings down Horton Street approximately 120 feet. This utility corridor will be approx. 8-10 feet wide and 4 feet deep. The corridor has two primary functions. The first is to give us a clean underground corridor into which we can lay new utilities, and the second is to help with the remediation of the site by removing a considerable amount of polluted soil and fill that is currently on-site. This petition was also granted.
Along with the repointing of the larger brick building and the setting up of our new robotics lab, thanks to a grant from Applied Materials, things are moving along at the Paint Factory.Ocean Alliance Robotics Lab

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