Open Books Talk – Pensacola

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Pensacola has provided a safe and friendly home base for the Sea Shepherd and Ocean Alliance crew on board the RV Odyssey over the summer. With the initial research phase of our oil disaster campaign Operation Toxic Gulf nearing an end, it’ll soon be time for us to set sail for distant shores; but we couldn’t leave without saying goodbye. The crew would like to thank the locals of Pensacola for their hospitality with TWO BIG EVENTS!
On Sunday night campaign leader Dr. Iain Kerr and crew member Eliza Muirhead will be speaking at a FREE and public event to share some of their experiences and findings from their time in the Gulf. On Monday the RV Odyssey will be open for tours for THE LAST TIME! Come and meet the crew and find out more about their work by stepping aboard the state of the art research vessel for a FREE tour!
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