Ocean Alliance CEO Invited to Speak at North Shore Technology Council

Last Wednesday, Ocean Alliance’s CEO, Dr. Iain Kerr, was invited to speak at a breakfast function hosted by the North Shore Technology Council at the Danversport Yacht Club. The Council is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and sustain the growth of technology businesses in and around the area north of Boston.
Iain’s talk, titled “A Whale of a Tale: Using Robotics for Ocean Conservation and STEM Initiatives,”  touched on some of Ocean Alliance’s main focuses, such as robotics programs like SnotBot and the future of citizen science. It also broached other topics such as fisheries & fisheries research, aquaculture, ocean energy and mining, transportation, recreation, communications and pipelines, and pharmaceuticals.
The talk, which was well-received, was a great opportunity for Ocean Alliance to showcase our work and build new partnerships. As our name implies Ocean Alliance – both business and NGO’s need to find ways to collaborate so that humanity can benefit from sustainable ocean development.
“I am of the opinion that the future of humanity is in our oceans, from industry to new technologies and food.  This region should have a Woods Hole north aspect  – developing new resources from the oceans and acting as a catalyst for new careers and business in ocean industries,” Iain stated after the talk concluded.
Our staffer Debby Clement, also attended the talk. “We were in the right place – with a talented audience buzzing with ideas.  New England is blessed with so many engineers – chemical/health/software and hardware professionals who all share a concern about the future – and about protecting one of our greatest assets – the ocean. The shared passion about the collective use of entrepreneurial brain power to find solutions was a joy to feel!  We’re already booking meetings with some about the shared drive to understand the impacts of consumer products and redress the balance towards a more green based economy – using some of our hard data and research.”
Ocean Alliance is looking forward to creating more partnerships with technology and innovative organizations on th North Shore.

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