Ocean Alliance awarded grant from Mass. Environmental Trust


The Massachusetts Environmental Trust has invested more than $20 million in environmental grantmaking awards for more than three decades. This year, the Trust’s Aquatic Animal Conservation Grantmaking Program awarded $495,321 to 11 programs across the state that will restore aquatic habitats, rivers and watersheds, and protect endangered species, including at-risk sea turtles and the rarest large whale, the North Atlantic right whale. 

Ocean Alliance has been awarded $29,950 to collect data pertinent to the conservation and management of large whales, including the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale, by collecting photogrammetry (for studying body condition/general health), respiratory samples for microbiome analysis (an indicator of whale health), and bioacoustics as part of a collaborative long-term project that will contribute to studies on the impact of chronic noise pollution on large whales.

Your support of the Trust’s environmental license plates helps Ocean Alliance and all the other grantees, and it’s a wonderful way to advertise your dedication to the preservation of the aquatic environment.

For more information regarding the Massachusetts Environmental Trust, and the specialty environmental license plates that are offered, please visit MET’s webpage. Additionally, individuals interested in purchasing a license plate from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles can do so by visiting the agency’s webpage.

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