Ocean Alliance Added to Annenberg Foundation Leadership Wall

Annenberg Foundation Leadership Wall of FameAs of this year Roger Payne, Iain Kerr and our headquarters, the Paint Factory, can be seen on the Annenberg Foundation 25 Year Leadership Wall of Fame at their headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.
 Ocean Alliance will forever be grateful to Wallis Annenberg and Leonard Aube (pictured below with Roger) for enabling us to purchase the Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory in 2008. Iain likes to joke with  friends that OA is not on the cutting edge but the bleeding edge. We intentionally deal with problems that other people don’t want to take on. This can be both incredibly exciting and frustrating when others don’t see the value or importance of the work that we do. With the acquisition of the Paint Factory the need to save this site was clear but few were willing to step up to the plate. OA is very lucky to have friends like the Annenberg Foundation who invest in us based on our willingness to tackle difficult jobs and our past history of success.
Leonard Aube and Roger Payne with Paint FactoryI am delighted to help Ocean Alliance preserve this landmark for Gloucester and our nation.  Its restoration is a clear example of how historic properties can be saved for community use.  With a research institute in this space, the citizens of Gloucester and our country will benefit from expanded knowledge of our most important resource—water.  It is a privilege to be a part of American history.”   Wallis Annenberg, 2008
We see this year as a transitional year for the site as we take it from a set of offices to an oceanographic research center. The reality is — while the Annenberg Foundation got the ball rolling we need all the help we can get to finish the job.

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