A Lesson in Twitter for Those Who Would Like to #tweet4taiji

It has come to our attention that many of you are joining Twitter just to raise your voices on the issue of what’s happening in Taiji, Japan. We need all the voices we can get, so here are some tips:

  • tweet4taijiIf you’ve never joined, go to www.Twitter.com and sign up, it’s quick, easy and free. Your user name will include @ and something to identify you by, your name is ideal or any variation on it you can get
  • You can have a personal and a business account but you’ll need a separate email address for each
  • You can follow anyone you like, but for now the goal is spreading the word. Type in the Twitter handle of the person you’re contacting, a short message, and the hashtag #tweet4taiji (no spaces). Your tweet will be public to anyone who follows you and those following #tweet4taiji
  • Type #tweet4taiji in your search box and you will see all tweets made with that hashtag. You can retweet any you like, these will also show as your tweets
  • Keep your tweets polite and factual

Dolphin drives in Taiji will start around 5 pm ET (morning in Japan). Follow @CoveGuardians for live updates; they will start a livestream at http://livestream.seashepherd.org when a pod is visible and will continue until the end, so evenings are when the tweetstorms begin. You don’t need to watch the livestream to know what is happening, if you follow @CoveGuardians they will give updates. Thanks for raising your voice, we need all the help we can get.
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Here is a list of newswire organizations to contact about breaking news:
News organizations and hosts to contact about breaking news or to encourage coverage of the story, tailor these to your location:
@jvelezmitchell (News host on HLNTV, very passionate about the cause)
@CNN @AC360 @cnni
@BBCNews @BBCBreaking
@ABCWorldNews @CBSNews @NBCNews
@guardiannews @MailOnline
Diplomats who have spoken out on the issue:
British Ambassador to Japan Tim Hitchens @UKAmbTim
US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy @Caroline Kennedy
Individuals who have spoken out:
@TheEllenShow (allowed Kirstie Alley to speak on the show about Taiji)
Japanese Prime Minister @JPN_PMO

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