Leaning heavily to port through the waves; Sleeping and standing are challenging! ODYSSEY Gulf Blog, Day 63, September 17, 2010

Well, we are almost through the waves.  The challenge has become that we are heeling to the port side. This situation means that everything leans heavily to port.  For those sleeping on port side (Ian, Carolyne, Rick and Matt) this means that the boat is pushing you up against the port wall.  Not great, but livable.  For those sleeping on the starboard side (Sandy, Johnny, Bob and me)… it means the boat is push you out into… well nothing but air. Yikes!!! It is quite the challenge to stay in your bunk.  For all of us, it means whenever we are sitting or standing or walking the boat pulls you towards the port wall. Very, very tiring. We will have had a total of about 24 hours of this leaning. I imagine we will walk funny when we reach the dock!
In dock, we will say goodbye to both Carolyne and Rick.  Carolyne was just on for this leg, but she proved herself a valuable member o

f the team, excelling at the midlevel platform, and was always ready with a smile and a good sense of humor. Rick has been on since the beginning and has always been a valued member of the team. He excelled at biopsying, running the helm and beating the students at cards.  Really a fine, fine man and I hope we see him again soon. Carolyne I know will be at our USM lab working and ready to harass me upon my own return so we will see her then.  They really made this particular leg successful and fun. We thank them for their help and hard work.
Overall, the day was passed quietly and we all look forward to a break from the waves. There is much work to do in port and new crew to welcome and orient.  But mostly, we are all looking forward to some pizza and cold soda!
 Have a nice evening and I'll let you know how the pizza was!
 (Blog by: John Wise, Science Director)

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