Japan Ordered to Cease "Scientific" Whaling

It’s not often that those who work for the protection of whales have something to celebrate, but today we can. In a 12-4 decision by the International Court of Justice in the Hague Japan has been ordered to temporarily cease issuing whaling permits for failing to prove the scientific purposes of its whaling.
Australia brought the suit against Japan four years ago and attention to the decision has grown as the verdict approached. Our partners in Argentina, Instituto de Conservacion de Ballenas, helped gather over 33,000 signatures in support of Australia and social media has exploded with the decision:
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From Ocean Alliance President and founder Dr. Roger Payne:

“The 12-4 ruling by the International Court of Justice declaring Japan’s Scientific Whaling as a pretense is as important for preserving science as it is for preserving whales; it demonstrates that science is the pursuit of truth, not just of profits.”

Ocean Alliance CEO Iain Kerr had this to say:
“What a great victory for the whales and all of those, particularly our friends at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who have struggled to make this momentous day a reality by shining a spotlight on “scientific” whaling. I really want to believe in humanity and society and the fact that a dedicated group of individuals can make a difference. So this is not just a great win for whales but a great win for the environmental movement and all of those who choose to speak on behalf of the wild world.”
Congratulations to all of those who have fought for this victory!

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