photo 4Everyone knows that non-profits rely on donations to keep them going. What a lot of people don’t realize is that in-kind donations are just as important.
In-kind donations can be varied, from the donation of products such as windows, doors, paint, carpet, to donations of music, labor and services. Every penny that we don’t have to spend on buying/renting/using something is a penny then can be put directly towards either our research and education programs and or the restoration of the Tarr and Wonson Paint Factory.
photo 3One company that has been incredibly supportive of us over the last five years is PODS portable on-demand storage. When we refitted the research vessel Odyssey at Gloucester Marine Railways PODS gave us the use of a pod rent-free to store all the equipment that we took off the boat during the restoration process. In our move from Lincoln, MA to Gloucester we used four PODS, three of which were donated. Our final storage POD was emptied over the last week and driven off amidst the blowing wind and snow. So a big thank you to PODS and all of our corporate sponsors who help us to put all of the money we raise into our programs.

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