Exclusive Footage of Melon-Headed Whales and Rough-Toothed Dolphins

Reviewing footage from the Odyssey bowcam is kind of like opening gifts on your birthday. You never know what you’re going to get.
As the name suggests, the camera is mounted underwater at the bow of the boat. Sometimes when we approach great whales like a sperm whale they will do a shallow dive and swim 10-15 ft under the water. There’s a monitor on the bridge, so the bowcam allows the helmsman to see what’s going on underwater at the bow.
Al and David Sliski Installing Bowcam - Photo by Amy KerrIn case you were wondering, you can’t buy a bowcam lens off-the-shelf in Staples, so the lens was specially made and installed by Alan and David Sliski while the Odyssey was in dry-dock at Gloucester Marine Railways in our home port of Gloucester, MA.
Over the next few months we will be showing you a whole host of different whales that we caught on tape at the bow.
Here is our never-before-seen footage of rough-toothed dolphins and melon-headed whales bowriding during Operation Toxic Gulf in the Gulf of Mexico:

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