Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, but at Ocean Alliance, we think every day should be Earth Day. Every day, we can all take actions that help keep earth healthy.

Buy and use less plastic. Reuse plastic and other materials instead of throwing them out after one use. Recycle, but remember, certain types of plastic either can’t be recycled or are very difficult to recycle.

Buy a reusable water bottle.  If you drink four store-bought bottles of water every day, that’s 1,460 plastic bottles you’ve used in a year! If you have a reusable water bottle and fill it from the tap, you use 0 plastic bottles.

Eat less meat. Raising livestock — cows, chickens, pigs — generates an enormous amount of greenhouse gases. Just eating fewer meat meals per week helps the environment, and your own health. The Mayo Clinic has some good information about meatless meals.

Make your garden green. Some tips from HGTV include planting a tree, starting a compost pile, and using a rain barrel. See the rest of their tips here.

Clean up your neighborhood. You can do a cleanup on your own or with a couple of friends or family members. Just grab a garbage bag, a stick or litter picker, and a pair of work gloves and go for a walk. Anything you pick up is something that won’t end up in the ocean.

Make sure your home is energy-efficient. Check with your electricity provider to find out how to get an energy audit. And buy appliances with a good Energy Star rating.

Support an environmental organization. Whatever environmental issue you’re passionate about, there is likely to be at least one organization focusing on it. You can check into highly rated conservation organizations at Charity Navigator.

Buy from companies that give a portion of their profits to conservation organizations. These companies support Ocean Alliance by donating a portion of their sales to us: Clam & Clasp, Spirit Bear Coffee Company, Beluga Bath Co.


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