Blue Wave Gallery's Oceans! Exhibit Supports, Features Ocean Alliance

Several weeks ago, we were contacted by Asia Scudder, the owner of Blue Wave Gallery in Amesbury, who was looking for an ocean conservation organization to connect with and feature at her upcoming Oceans! art exhibit. The show was based around the work of fabric artist Suzanne Connor whose work reflects the lush beauty of underwater scenes.
Asia wanted to feature Ocean Alliance during the exhibit and offer 10% of the proceeds from any sale of artwork from the show. Asia visited our Paint Factory headquarters just a couple of weeks before the opening to discuss details and she discovered that I was not only an OA staff member, but also a fine artist whose subject matter revolves around the ocean. Asia expressed her interest in my ocean-themed work, and I happily agreed to contribute several pieces to hang in the exhibit.
I delivered the work a week before the opening and was impressed by the light-filled open-air gallery space. Asia has done an impeccable job of creating a space that is both modern & professional and warm & inviting. I met Thomas Barrasso, a photographer she represents whose photographs are stunning. .
Fast forward to the opening reception: It was an unseasonably chilly evening on April 4th, but that didn’t keep a steady flow of artists and patrons from coming out to see the ocean-themed exhibit. Upon entering, guests were greeted by Suzanne’s ethereal fabric jellyfish and a bold poster proclaiming OCEANS! Asia also had a small area at the entrance set aside for Ocean Alliance brochures and merchandise to sell. The gallery was filled with ambiance -Suzanne’s work hung on several walls on the left of the gallery, mine on a smaller wall on the right. Suzanne, who is not only talented but incredibly kind and enthusiastic, proclaimed “I love our work sharing the space together; Although it is very different, our pieces are incredibly complementary to one another!”– I wholeheartedly agreed!
Ocean Alliance¬†CEO Iain Kerr arrived soon after the start of the opening, mingled for a bit and then, as planned, was invited to speak to the crowd at 6:30. Suzanne’s beautiful humpback whale piece hung behind Iain and provided the perfect backdrop for his talk about the state of the oceans, our work with whales, and the Ocean Alliance mission and our hope for the future. The crowd was incredibly attentive and receptive and many questions were asked during the Q&A portion of the talk.

Sea Turtle - Suzanne Connor

Sea Turtle – Suzanne Connor

Patrons, artists, and Ocean Alliance staff members continued to mingle, network and enjoy the artwork. Attendees also enjoyed wine and organic refreshments that were provided by the Flatbread Company, a local restaurant.
After several enjoyable hours, the final guests began to head home and the featured artists, OA staff, and gallery owner reflected on the success of the event. The Oceans! opening reception was the perfect mix of multidisciplinary elements- A true testament to the power and increasing importance of the fusion of art, science, and conservation as a means to engage the masses and ultimately bring about real change.
Many thanks to Asia Scudder for her belief in this concept and for inviting our organization, as well an Ocean Alliance staff member/artist, to participate in this beautiful exhibit. The Oceans! exhibit will be on display until May 10th, 2015. For more information, please visit Blue Wave’s website.
– Rebecca Siswick Graham, Programs Manager, Ocean Alliance

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