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At Ocean Alliance we are firm believers in the important role that the arts can play in both science and conservation, and indeed the roles which science and conservation can play in the arts. This is immediately apparent to anyone visiting our headquarters at the Tarr & Wonson Paint Manufactory in Gloucester. Adorning the walls of our offices are an eclectic mixture of ocean- and whale-related art, scientific posters, historical pieces depicting the Paint Factory and its history, and other miscellaneous pieces of art.

The boundary of art and science has been one that our founder and president, Dr. Roger Payne, has always been interested in: it is a boundary which has played an important role in his career. Roger gives much of the credit for his discovery that humpback whales sing songs to his musical background; he is an avid musician and has been a passionate cellist since he was very young.

Dave Featherstone, a professor of biology and neuroscience, described both science and art as human attempts to understand and describe the world around us, and we love this description. Certainly, there might often be significant differences in how these two disciplines are approached and what audiences they are intended for, but ultimately both are rooted in our desire to interpret our surroundings.

Our Art & Science programs received a great boost when we moved our headquarters to Gloucester. The Paint Factory sits on Rocky Neck, one of the oldest art colonies in the United States. Our new neighbors have undoubtedly left a permanent mark on Ocean Alliance’s personality, something that we have embraced with open arms. Particularly during the summer months, we host multiple art installations/shows covering a range of themes: some on the topic of whales and ocean conservation, and some on entirely different themes.

If you are interested in having an art show at the Gloucester Paint Factory, please email us at

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