The future of drones at HUBweek

By: Ann Cortissoz

CEO Iain Kerr and Robotics Manager Chris Zadra took SnotBot on the road down to Boston to participate in Aerial Futures: The Drone Frontier. Created and curated by swissnex Boston, Aerial Futures looked at the changes coming to our lives through the increasing adoption and implementation of professional drone technology. Drones hover on the horizon of a rapidly developing technological landscape, allowing for new and imaginative applications of AI, flight technology, 3D imaging, and other burgeoning fields.

Iain presented an afternoon talk on SnotBot that was so popular the organizers had to add a second edition of the talk. He also gave the keynote address on the first evening of the conference. There was a constant stream of visitors to the SnotBot table, and even in an exhibition space full of cool drones, people were impressed with what we’re doing with SnotBot.

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